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Grace Filled Marriage by Dr. Tim Kimmel and Darcy Kimmel

Why did I enjoy this book?

The imagery and the turns of phrase Tim Kimmel used kept my mind engaged, and then invited me to keep on applying the concepts …  As I was reading, I’d look up and just whisper-shout, “Yes!”. (If I wasn’t holding the book, my arm would have been raised in a fisted exclamation.)

I was also drawn to how the author related to me, the reader. He showed me his personal vulnerability and self-deprecating humor when telling stories of he and his wife. And he shared from his life. (I dare you not to cry when you read the poem he wrote for his daughter’s wedding.)

I identified with the future focus of the promise that grace will bring to everyone’s marriage:

  • a secure love
  • a significant purpose
  • a strong hope
  • to be different and vulnerable
  • to be candid and make mistakes

I appreciated the study guide. There’s a study guide included – it asks probing questions to explore the concepts of the book. Whether you choose to read the book on your own, with your spouse, or as a small group, consider using the study guide as a companion to enhance your learning.

Grace Filled Marriage

“The missing piece. The place to start.”

I liked the subheading of this book – it intimates that it’s useful for us couples married many decades, and also for those just beginning the marriage journey. And it delivers the promise.

Grace. A place to start.

grace filled marriage book review

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